Compassionate Veterinary Care in Hamilton, ON!

Welcome to Stone Church Animal Clinic! Your local veterinarian in Hamilton, ON. We’re proud to provide a wide variety of veterinary medical services for Dogs & Cats in Hamilton, ON & surrounding areas!

Stone Church Animal Clinic was established in 1989. It is designed to meet all the requirements specified by the College of Veterinarians and most importantly, to be pet friendly! Separate cat and dog wards were set up to keep patients from being frightened. Special ventilation, soundproofing and surfaces that would need constant disinfecting presented many challenges. Stone Church Animal Clinic continues to be successful and be able to offer the kind of comfortable, friendly and safe environment in which your hospitalized pet gets the best of care.

We are very proud of our facilities and love to give hospital tours. All you need to do is ask.. Let us explain how all the latest equipment works. Veterinary medicine has changed significantly over the years, and the Clinic strives to stay on the cutting edge (oops, don’t be uneasy about those surgical words). To help in diagnosing problems, Technology has been able to provide us with blood machines that can give us information on your pet’s liver and kidney function, and other blood values within minutes. We have infusion pumps that dispense constant intravenous fluids for the dehydrated and /or anorexic pet. Stone Church Animal Clinic is equipped with heated pads, and warm blankets for your pet’s comfort. Our professional staff will always hold your pet’s paw when it is needed.

Our services are further enhanced by a list of Veterinary Specialists that we consult as necessary and may recommend if needed. A Veterinary Surgeon comes on site to provide orthopedic specialty surgery so your pet doesn’t have to be moved. Ultrasound is as close as the phone and can interpret Electrocardiograms over the phone!

We know that surgery can be a worrisome time for the owner. To help ease your mind, we monitor your pet’s heart with an electrocardiogram throughout surgery. We use one of the safest anesthetics, and have staff attend your pet until he/she is fully awake from the anesthetic.

We recommend the Hamilton Region Emergency Veterinary Clinic for after hours care of your pets.

Stone Church Animal Clinic has been nominated for this contest through the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society by pet families within Ontario!

Thank you for your support! We are very proud that we make a difference in our community!!